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Managed Wordpress


Managed Wordpress Pro Support is designed to proactively monitor and support you whenever you need it.

Our team of professionals will help hardening and securing your Wordpress website, optimising it to make sure it runs smoothly and configure the necessary tools to ensure your website is periodically backed up and secured.

We'll also proactively check to make sure your Wordpress is updated to the latest version, along with plugins and themes to ensure your website is always running the latest version and is secured.

Update Wordpress Service


Has been a while since you setup your website built on Wordpress? Do you have a maintenance agreement with your developer? If not, then there’s a high probability that it might be out of date.

Your website needs engine, the core Wordpress along with its plugins and themes need to be updated regularly to make sure it works smoothly and stay protected from malicious attackers.

Order this service, provide us with your Wordpress credentials and we’ll have someone from our team take care of this for you with 24-48 hours.

Check out our managed service if you need someone to do this regularly for you.

SSL Certificate Installation


Have you purchased an SSL certificate but can't seem to get it to install? Whether you're short on time or don't have an IT person, we can assist you to install your certificate from provisioning, configuration and the entire installation. Please reach out to customer support before ordering this product to re-confirm the fee as each installation is unique.

The fee displayed is for single domain, either on Linux / Windows, running on cPanel / Apache or IIS for Windows Servers. Please note that all installations are done remotely, and as such require access to your servers.

DNSSEC Configuration


Do you want to secure your domain from various forms of attack, such as Spoofing or a Man-in-the-Middle attack?

Whether you need it for security, or a requirement for your compliance/regulatory teams - we can assist you to setup your DNSSEC records for your domain name registered and hosted with Extreme Web Technologies.

Before ordering this service, please reach out to us on [email protected] so we can check & verify that we can assist you.

Nameserver Configuration


Nameserver configuration involves creating and setting up glued IPs on the parent zones. Some domain extensions are easier to configure, others require to reach out to the appropriate teams, where as some charge a separate fee.

No matter which extension you have - we can assist you to setup your nameserver records for your domain name managed at Extreme Web Technologies as a service of our Pro Support offerings.

The fee indicated on this product is only a facilitation / support fee. It does not include extra charges if your extension offers this as a paid service. Before ordering this service, please reach out to us on [email protected] so we can check & verify that we can assist you.

Backup and/or Restore Service


Extreme Web Technologies, as part of its disaster recovery, carries out off-site backups on best effort basis for all shared hosting accounts. These backups are retained for sometime at our sole discretion and is primarily used for the purpose of restoring services from a total outage such as a server crash.

Whether something happened to your website that you weren’t aware of, your data was lost for any other reason - or simply need a full backup for whatever reason - we can help as part of our Pro Support offering.

Before ordering this service, please reach out to us on [email protected] so we can check & verify that we can assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pro Support services subscription based?

Some Pro Support services are one time fees, where as activities that require on-going management are subscription-based available from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual billing cycles.

Why do you charge for support?

Standard help desk support is included in almost all the services we offer.

However, those listed on this page are categorized as Pro Support services because they require specific skills and expertise to provide the service.

What is covered in Pro Support services?

We offer managed WordPress services, updating WordPress sites, SSL Certificate Installation, DNSSEC configuration, Nameserver Configuration, and Backup and/or Restore Services.

If you have a specific request not specified, please reach out to our help desk and we'll see how best we can assist you.

How long does it take to get a response?

Generally, all services are rendered within 24-48 hours, unless communicated otherwise.

Please reach out to our help desk before ordering for specific assessment of timeframes regarding your request.

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